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About Insight Art

Insight Art Gallery – The Timeless Unknown™

The painter of this series is Pamela Becker, well known regional artist and longtime Sedona resident. When I asked Pamela about the incredible images, Pamela said, “The large format pieces I have painted are a portrayal of expansion, perspective and release from time and habitual human experience as envisioned by Concept Designer Anthony David Michaels. The images that Tony Michaels has commissioned take the viewer to a different vista for an experience of the limitless panorama of the universe. Its Tony’s unfolding story…”
The Timeless Unknown, is uniquely original and invites the viewer to be absorbed into a new way of seeing, and experience the art in a personal, visceral manner.
Visionary Anthony David Michaels, also offers prints and giclées of the larger format originals. Commented Tony Michaels, “Check out a compelling visual adventure showcased at Insight Art Gallery online!”